10 more totes for our Fierce Female Farmers!

10 more totes for our Fierce Female Farmers!

Hello friends!!

I know I've been quiet, I needed to take some time off to recharge and rebaseline my mind, so I had a little bit of a break over Xmas & New Year as I found myself starting to feel really low and I was extremely exhausted as 2019 was drawing to a close. 

I'm a working mum with 2 kids under 5, so not only do I work full-time for a large corporation (my 'day job') but I also commute for this job, adding 4 hours per day in travel.  On the way to / from work in Sydney I plan and blog what I'm going to do next for Farmer Margy's cause and when I get home around 7pm I kick into 'mummy' mode and get the kids ready and into bed.  From around 8pm I have my dinner and most nights I then start to cut fabric and sew.  

I know I put a lot on myself and it's probably also tough on my family, but my husband is so supportive that I feel like I can do whatever I set my mind to, and so on I march!

With the spate and desperation of the current bush fires all over Australia, I am seeing a massive outpouring of support and donations being given to our much-deserved RFS branches and families who have lost their houses and had their lives torn apart.  I too have donated to the Australian Red Cross Bush Fire Appeal but I cannot forget that our farmers are still in drought, and they too need the daily necessities we city-slickers all take so much for granted.  This is where Farmer Margy is making a real difference.

So more totes to be sewn!!

Whilst I did have a little break I did manage to whip up 10 more tote bags which I'll package up tonight and send to Farmer Margy in Inverell.  That will make 21 fully lined totes so far.  I'm going to see if Farmer Margy wants them to be lined or if unlined will still be ok as I will be able to whip up the remaining 29 much faster if they don't need to be lined.

I'll take some more photos of these totes so you can see the beautiful lining as well, I've tried to make up bags that are colourful and I absolutely LOVE the horses and feathers bags!!!


What can you do to help?  


Donate now to help me buy straps and pay for postage to send Margy the products I make.

"Stay humble, stop the crumble, give thanks." Gill

Sew long for now,

Gill T