First Fierce Female Farmer Tote Bags Finished!

First Fierce Female Farmer Tote Bags Finished!



I've completed the first 11 fully lined tote bags which will be used for the Fierce Female Farmer packs.  I was targeting to send these in packs of 10, but as the material dictated I was able to make 11 so I went with that.  

I ended up rolling them all up and putting them into a small square box we had at home.  They weighed 1.9kg which was a bit unfortunate as the courier weights for prices are up to 1kg and then the next one is 3kg, so I feel like I paid for 1.1kg of air to be sent to Inverell.  I'll try make a few more for the next parcel so that I can fill up the entire 3kg for the $12.95 it costs to post. 

So what do I know about Inverell where these bags are headed?  Wiki advises this in its summary:

"Inverell is a large town in northern New South Wales, Australia, situated on the Macintyre River, close to the Queensland border. It is also the centre of Inverell Shire. Inverell is located on the Gwydir Highway on the western slopes of the Northern Tablelands. It has a temperate climate. In the 2016 census, the population of Inverell was 11,660 and the Inverell Shire population was 16,483."

Whilst the informatio from Wiki may be factually (or even almost factually) correct, it doesn't tell of the devastation our farmers are now facing.  Farmer Margy sent me this image from her property:

Whilst we can't make it rain, there is so much even the smallest donation can do to help our strife stricken farmers and their much beloved livestock and lands. 

What can you do to help?


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