Ok, I was wrong, we CAN make it rain!

Ok, I was wrong, we CAN make it rain!

Hi all!

So last blog I said this:

"Whilst we can't make it rain, there is so much even the smallest donation can do to help our strife stricken farmers and their much beloved livestock and lands."

I have a confession to make, I WAS WRONG! 

In my pre-married days I spent many, many months and years travelling our beautiful earth. One of my travels took me to Peru where (I'm still not sure why, but perhaps it led me to this very moment...) I purchased a rainstick.

Last night I was talking to my son Harley (4yrs), he's been learning about the drought at Day Care and he said he was going to pray for rain this Christmas.  It was then I remembered my rainstick which has been leaning to in our entry foyer since we moved in 5 years ago.  So I beckoned him to come with me and we went to retrieve the stick.  I told him to turn it upside down and listen, and then turn it again.  The beautiful sounds it makes is just like rain trickling down a window. 

He kept turning and looking at it in wonder, processing it all in his mind when my daughter Alannah (3yrs) arrived to join the conversation and to have a turn.


Harley asked me "Does it really work mummy?". 

"Of course Harls" I replied without hesitation.

Later that night when the kids were all tucked up in bed, and I'd finished a late night call with our UK office, I sat outside to relax and unwind and do you know what happened?  This:

That's right, it damn well RAINED! 


The biggest smile came across my face for 2 main reasons:

  1. It rained (obviously)
  2. My son's hope and faith that he can make a difference in this world if he truly believes has been proven to him. Hi face this morning when I told him that it had rained last night was priceless and you could see the hope and wonder filling his eyes - exactly what every mummy out there wants to see in the faces of their children


Help put a smile on another child's face and get involved:
Learn about my 5-4-A-Farmer Initiative


Sew-long for now,



"Stay humble, stop the crumble, give thanks." - Gill