Repurposing to help our Aussie farmers!

Repurposing to help our Aussie farmers!

This orange fabric was donated by Kincumber Kelly and when I opened it up I realised it used to be a very large bag of some description complete with a red velcro closure. 

I really must ask Kelly what this bag was used for - it's now being turned into lining for 4 tote bags for the Fierce Female Farmer packs.

Orange lining - OH YES! - surely I'm not the only one sick of black lining inside bags, I can't find a thing in there it's so dark.

After cutting off the seams and velcro I gave the lining a good press and then started cutting out my pattern.  I'm using 17" x 2-0" for these totes and they really are a very good size!

I'm pairing this orange with a lovely green & black floral fabric (also donated by Kincumber Kelly).  Keep following to see how they turn out!



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