5-4-A-Farmer Donations & Product Tracking



Date Donation Location Total
26 Nov Meagen B Kincumber NSW 4 Farmer Packs
27 Nov Fiona K Sydney NSW 1 Farmer Pack
27 Nov Anita A Totes & zip purses
27 Nov Loren N
Luxe & Luna Linen (link)
Bibs & cot sheets
4 Dec Gill
Empire Bay NSW
1 roll herringbone tape (white)
4 Dec  Gill
Empire Bay NSW
1 roll herringbone tape (black)
2 Jan 20 Sheila Ettalong, NSW 4 Farmer Packs
2 Jan 20 Stuart Empire Bay, NSW 4 Farmer Packs
14 Jan 20 Stuart Empire Bay, NSW $50
14 Jan 20 Jasmine Central Coast, NSW $20
Total $165


Fabric, Time & Product Donations

Date Donation Location Description
27 Nov Soh P S Everton Hills QLD Fabric (received)
27 Nov Jamie M-J Fabric
27 Nov Suzanne C Fabric
27 Nov Kelly B Kincumber NSW Fabric (received)
27 Nov Lana R Fabric
27 Nov Thea T Fabric
27 Nov Kym DLR Dairy Farmer, VIC Fabric (received)
27 Nov Flora B Fabric
27 Nov Janeene B Fabric
29 Nov Connie DL Fabric


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Packs Sent

 Date Pack Total
5 Dec  $12.95 postage
Nov/Dec 2019 Tote bags and zip pouches In production by Anita A
Total $12.95


Stay humble, stop the crumble, give thanks.

Sew-long for now,