Aboriginal Sandhill Blue Wash (light blue) Reversible Bowl Cozie

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  • Side 1: Aboriginal, artist unknown
  • Side 2: Sandhill Blue Wash by Aboriginal Artist ANNA PITJARA

    You’re tired, you’ve just got home from work and it’s time to make dinner.  LEFTOVERS, thank the all mighty for leftovers!  You grab a bowl, fill it and reheat it in the microwave.  Without thinking you grab the bowl and KAPOW, you burn your fingers on the hot bowl and spill the bowl all over the place.  MESS

    Or perhaps you’re (still) tired (from cleaning the microwave last night) and you’re cooking porridge in the morning.  You’re also in a rush, because you’re always in a rush in the morning.


    Ahh the sweet ping of something ready to eat. You grab it!  You swear then pretend you said something else.  We know it happens, you know it happens, so let us help you and your kids.

    Not only will our Bowl Cozies protect your hands, they will also greatly improve the language in your home at meal times.  AMAZING!


    Ice-cream, ice-cream, we all scream for ice-cream!  Our Bowl Cozies are a firm favourite of ours.  It’s time for dessert.  Imagine scooping your favourite ice cream into your bowl and enjoying it tentatively as you try to hold the rim of the bowl so as not to frost your fingers to it.  Now imagine sinking back into your couch, bowl firmly in hand, hands well protected.  You can now focus solely on those few well-deserved scoops of goodness without the threat of dropping your bowl or freezing your fingers. 

    Want to coordinate your Bowl Cozie with your placemats?  We can do that.  Just send us a message and let us know what you need.

    • Want 100% cotton?  Done, inside and out. 

    Our Bowl Cozies are practical and the perfect microwave-to-table (or knee!) solution for the entire family.

    The Aboriginal Sandhill Blue Wash (light blue) Reversible Bowl Cozie destined to impress, and priced at only $14.95, for a limited time.

    Inventory Last Updated: Oct 17, 2021