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COVID-19 is here - but so are we with our FREE Homeschool Schedule Template!

I get it, I'm a mum of a 3 year old daughter (daycare) and a 5 year old son (kindergarten).  I have never home-schooled.

I'm a project manager by day (and crafter by night). 

How do project managers face challenges? 

With organisation = lists & schedules!

I know we need to keep our kids busy, active and engaged.  My son's school has done a fantastic job in responding to the pandemic impacts quickly and catering to the challenges of home schooling by distributing each week's lessons, but...

  • How do we replicate a school day and incorporate these lessons into the day? 
  • How long should the morning, middle and afternoon sessions go for? 
  • When do they have lunch and play time? 
  • When can we relax, get some fitness, take a break between work and play?

To ensure we continue to lead a balanced life through this 'isolation challenge', I've created a detailed weekly FREE Homeschool Schedule Template (Mon-Fri) which I am providing completely FREE of charge to help other families who may need a little organisation in their lives through these trying times.

Our kids have responded really well to the FREE Homeschool Schedule Template and are always keen to know what the next activity is, when can they start, who's doing what.  It has also helped the day go REALLY FAST as we are not constantly pulling our hair out trying to think of things to do with them.

As our children are close together in years we have been able to incorporate our youngest daughter into a lot of the activities which our son's school has sent home, such as reading, counting, dancing, singing, physical activities, cooking etc.  So we see an added bonus of our youngest learning even more through the school curriculum at just 3.

I hope you find the tool helpful and would love to receive any feedback for improvements and to learn how you have tailored it to meet your own family needs.

Simply add the product to your cart and you will be able to download the editable Excel file to tailor and print at home.


PSST.  We laminated ours and have stuck the schedules above our desks at home to keep us all on track!

Basic Excel skills required to tailor the content to suit your needs.

Life is too short to live without the FREE Homeschool Schedule Template. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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