First Fierce Female Farmer Tote Pack almost complete!

First Fierce Female Farmer Tote Pack almost complete!

I committed to Farmer Margy to send the 50 totes in packs of 10 (so she's not waiting an AGE for me to sew up 50 totes!), and this pile here rounds out the first pack of 10 which I want to get sewn up and sent before I go to Noosa on Thursday.  I'll be away for 2 nights so I want to push myself to get these done so they can be on their way to Inverell, NSW before the weekend.

I use Sendle as my courier and as well as being carbon neutral (yay!), I use compostable postage bags (yay!) and Farmer Margy will be able to track their progress the entire way!

Tonight's mission is to sew all the corners and pin the bags up ready to sew the handles in and the lining to the outer fabric Wednesday night.  Then all I will need to do is turn them the right way out, sew closed the opening, iron them and top stitch around the top of the bag to give them a nice finish.  I CAN DO THIS!

This particular 5-4-A-Farmer tote pack has been possible with the donations of fabric from Harlan House & Home and a lovely local (near me) called Kelly from Kincumber.  I've decided to start calling her Kincumber Kelly as she has given me SO much fabric I feel she will feature prominantly throughout my 5-4-A-Farmer gblog, as well as some much needed cash donated directly through the 5-4-A-Farmer initiative.

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