100th Facebook Page Liker(s) received these free gifts!

100th Facebook Page Liker(s) received these free gifts!

After changing my Facebook page over from Crafty T to Harlan House & Home, I'd been teetering in the 90s with Facebook page likers for some time so I offered my Friends a free 'something' for the person who became my 100th liker. 

In effect I ended up with 2 x 100th page likers as I had the real 100th page liker (from Birmingham, UK) and the one that tried really really hard but was already a page liker (Ingleside, NSW).

What went to Birmingham, UK?

I decided to send Johnny 2 Cup Cozies and 2 Xmas Gift Card Holders.  Johnny has a Greek background and is a lover of coffee plus, with Xmas just around the corner I thought he might put a nice voucher inside the Xmas Gift Card Holders for his lovely wife, perhaps for a relaxing massage or facial?

Pretty Skulls Cup Cozie


Linen with Red Flowers Cup Cozie



Xmas Gift Card Holders



What went to Ingleside, NSW?

The 100th pager liker that tried the hardest (she was already a page liker so unliked the page and then tried to like it again on 99) is a mother of 2, so I felt I couldn't send one free gift to a household with 2 girls!  I'd had this funky chicken fabric for a little while and had been meaning to make some apron pockets with it but for me, I thought the two girls (and the entire family) may benefit more from two funky chicken Ouch Pouches.

Chicken Chique Design 1


Chicken Chique Design 2 


Chicken Chique Portrait Panel by Loralie Designs(R)

The fabric is the Chicken Chique Portrait Panel by American designer Loralie Designs(R), no two chickens are the same and they are so super funky, I thought it was perfect for this super than cool family!


Sew I had a bit of fun sending these products out and making the chicken Ouch Pouches for Miranda in Ingleside.  I hope they get as much pleasure and use out of them as I did making them.

Sew-long for now,


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