Heat & Ice Packs

Our Heat & Ice Packs and Ouch Pouches are made in Australia by Aussies and come in some seriously funky fabrics.

Check out our Dear Doggie and Fancy Cats (fabric by Loralie Designs©️) and Cool Cat (fabric by Henry Glass Co) ranges.

Our smaller Heat & Ice Packs / Ouch Pouches are the perfect size for little hands and bodies and are oh so cute they're sure to put a smile on the toughest of dials!

They also make great hand warmers!

  • Made with 100% cotton fabric and thread
  • Filled with whole corn, lavender and bay leaf
  • Ease your aches and pains
  • Reduce swelling and fever
  • Ease a nasty headache
  • They are soft and mould to any body part!

Our scented heat and ice pack / ouch pouches are filled with whole corn and dried lavender. 

We choose to use whole corn for our filling as they retain heat when microwaved, and remain colder for HOURS LONGER than wheat or rice, which benefits the environment by reducing power consumption and also our customers can stay in position longer without having to get up to re-heat / re-freeze which we know is really annoying.  WIN/WIN!!

Our larger packs last 2-3 hours when heated or frozen and these are also a godsend for the ladies during ‘that time of the month’!

Made with premium 100% cotton and quilted with cotton batting, keep one (or two) in the supplied Ziplock bag in your freezer so they’re always ready to go as an ice pack, or if you need a little heat, simply remove them from the Ziplock bag and pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes to ease your aches and pains or warm your toes through winter and let the magic happen!

  • A comfortable ice pack that doesn’t need wrapping before applying to your body.
  • Super soft and mould to any body part
  • Australian designed and handcrafted on the Central Coast NSW

Please note, the main design as pictured will always be sent, however, some borders around the designs may vary slightly as products are handmade at different times.  Please contact us if you are seeking a particular border / finish.