Blowing my mind!

Blowing my mind!

One thing I have learnt this morning, well in fact I knew this already, but I think the impact of this knowledge has now been firmly cemented in my mind:

Customer Service is EVERYTHING!

Customer service image

The impact to me has been so great that I've taken myself straight to my computer to write this post.  We need to celebrate GOOD experiences, here's a shout out to one of my favourite online stores, EziBuy.

EziBuy Customer Service Experience

I shop at EziBuy for many reasons: convenience, range, price, not having to struggling with 2 kids in and out of dressing rooms and waiting in line at checkouts but most importantly, I keep shopping with them for their easy shipping & returns and their customer service is THE BEST I have ever encountered, either for a bricks & mortar store or online.

Whenever I need to contact them to discuss my order, they go out of their way to devise a solution and I am always left more than satisfied and, to be honest, a little in shock.  I've been asking myself why I'm left in shock, that their customer service agents actually service their customers and I think that's just it, they put their customers at the forefront of what they do.  I don't know what their customer service vision or goal or mantra is but whatever it is I want to emulate it, bottle it and sell it!

A lot of businesses have put cost savings ahead of their customer's satisfaction, that's nothing new and we've been offshoring and cost cutting for years.  We all complain about it, but it's not until you really receive excellent service that you realise how badly other businesses are doing it. 

So what?

I know when I want a new dress or top or bedspread, that EziBuy will be my first port of call, that's what.

Have you stopped shopping somewhere because of bad customer service?  Comment below with your stories.

Is there anything Crafty T can do better?

Sew-long for now,

Gill T

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