Heat it, ice it, the birth of Happy Kneelers is imminent!

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Heat it, ice it, the birth of Happy Kneelers is imminent!

Woman joggingI had a brainwave this year......I'll get fit. I know right!

I had my last baby a year ago and after losing all the baby weight through breastfeeding (I'm a realist, I didn't do anything else!), once I stopped breastfeeding it has started slowly piling back on. 


I saw one of my friends had taken up running after her last baby and said to myself, that looks like a fab idea, I'll do that.  So I asked her if she followed a plan and she sent me a link, I had a look and it looked like something I could do.  I found something similar called the C25K (Couch to 5km).  Yes, that's me!!  I am on the couch (literally I was downloading the app on the couch) and I want to run 5km.  How did they know?

So off I went that very next morning, shiny new running pants, singlet, headband.  Walked a bit, ran a bit, walked, ran, repeat, merrily up and down my road listening to running tunes Spotify selected for me based on my speed (how do they do that, amazing!), already feeling trimmer and amazing, nodding and smiling at the other runners, dog walkers and cars passing by. 


Run 1 - bit stiff but all good

Run 2 - little bit looser, this is easy

Run 3 - feeling on top of the..hang on, that hurts a bit

Run 4 - hmmm, something's not right, every movement hurts, MY KNEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!

No more running for me.  I can hardly walk, still, a week later as I write this post and after numerous icings and pain killers all week.  Thank the almighty (whoever you believe in) for ICE and my handmade Corn Cozies

Crafty T handmade corn cozies / heat & ice packsI've had one of these on each of my knees for an hour at a time (because they're fabulous like that and stay colder for longer than any other pack).  I've even trained my toddler to fetch them from the freezer, take them out of of the ziplock bags and put them on my knees :)  I'll take any opportunity to teach my young man to look after the ladies in his life!  Having used these extensively over the past week I really can vouch for how amazing they are.  Because they're made using whole corn, they stay colder (or hotter) for much longer than rice because the corn is  bigger than rice), the weight and shape of them also fit and mold perfectly to any area of the body, unlike those stiff hard cold packs that don't.  And they're also pretty to look at which cheers me up too. You also don't need to wrap these in tea towels aa they're made in beautiful soft fabric already do just put them straight where you need them.

Crafty T handmade corn cozies / heat & ice packsSo why am I blabbing on about running plans and knees?  A very good question!  Not long after my last blabber about sore knees a dear friend contacted me asking for 4 of my ice packs and after further chit-chat, because we love a chit-chat, I found out she actually needed 4 so she could have an ice pack on the front and back of each of her knees.  THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY I said.  And so I spent the next couple of days researching and designing the soon to be created HAPPY KNEELERS.  These happy little things will be wide and long enough to wrap around a single knee to either heat / ice the front and back at the same time (Knee/healers) and will be made with gorgeous fabrics (Happy).

Crafty T Happy Kneelers Batik fabricAfter I've iced my knees this morning I'm off fabric shopping, the first release is being created with a pinspot flannelette and stunning batik!

And after we've done with knees?  We're moving on to wrap around Happy Lumber Backs :)


Gill T

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