Possibly the most exciting fabric range we've ever come across.....and it's on order!

New product -

Possibly the most exciting fabric range we've ever come across.....and it's on order!

I'm so excited I can barely contain myself!!! 

I've just discovered Loralie Designs® and to say I'm 'Big Kev Excited' would be an understatement!

Who remembers 'Big Kev'? 

Here's a throw back if you've forgotten (how could you?) or have never come across him before (how could you?):



So, now you understand just how excited I am about discovering Loralie Designs.  Here's a sneak peak at some of their fabulous fabrics:

Cool Cats

This was the first of the Loralie Designs fabric I came across.  I'd been looking for some cute kid-friendly but unique fabrics to start my new Ouch Pouch range that wasn't too typical, after all we strive to do things a little differently at Harlan House & Home!  Our customers want unique products, products their neighbours don't have and that they don't sit next to on the bus (new bags coming soon!).

What is an Ouch Pouch? 

It's a cuter, smaller version of our standard Heat & Ice Packs made specifically with our littlest nearest and dearest in mind.  If they need a Heat & Ice Pack they've probably hurt themselves or are in some sort of pain, so why not make it a little more fun with some gorgeous fabrics. 

Colour therapy for healing is an age-old tried and tested method and I can (almost) guarantee these will have your little ones on the mend before their Ouch Pouch has lost its heat/cold temperature!  

Why cats?  I thought I'd start here as my dear 2yo daughter will only (this week)  wear things with cats on them.  Cute right (ummmmmm)!


Loralie Designs Cool Cats by Harlan House & Home

Happy Dogs

I wouldn't dream of forgetting our loyal dog lovers (my sister-in-law would kill me), these are simply the happiest and cutest of dogs EVER!


Loralie Designs Happy Dogs by Harlan House & Home

Chicken Chique Portrait

Clucky anyone?  I'm thinking these would make wonderful pockets on some new apron designs I've been working on.  So far I've made a couple of child prototypes (which my kids love to wear when helping in the kitchen)!

I also think these will make some seriously chique heat pads, again prototypes are being tested in our kitchen as we speak.


Loralie Designs Chicken Chique Portrait by Harlan House & Home


There are so many options here I'm almost breathless!  These can be cut to make wall hangings, quilts, tea towels and about 1000 other things!


Loralie Designs Blossoms Panel by Harlan House & Home

Sew Fabulous!

I'm so pleased there's a design for the sewing enthusiast like myself....once again, so many options on products I can create with these!


Lazy Beach

Beach tote anyone? Coming soon!


Loralie Designs Lazy Beach by Harlan House & Home

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Can't wait that long and want something sooner?  Send me a message and let's get creating!

Sew-long for now!

Gill T

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