The next big thing?

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The next big thing?

Having left my 9-5 (or often a LOT longer day than that!) job as a Project Manager late 2016 to have my second child, I found this new love of sewing.  That's great Gill but how does that relate to the next big thingIs Crafty T the next big thing?  We certainly hope so, but that's not what I'm blogging about today (feel free to blog about us yourself though ;)).

My reference to sewing above leads me into my newfound love of fabrics.  I've always loved homewares; bedding, cushions, candles, vases, photo frames, the whole shebang, and now I have turned my passion into a business and it's what I collectively like to call Fabricwares, we're more than just soft furnishings, our range continually grows as we add more things we love to make for the bathroom, bedroom, dining room, kitchen to the lounge room, foyer, to on the go and things that just smell really nice

I'm sitting here pretty chuffed that I get to do what I love every day and I get to spend a fair amount of time (in between looking after two kids under 3, one husband and our home) and dream up new products and new designs for existing products.  So I'll let you in on my little secret................I've got two new ranges in the pipeline.  Let's talk about your bedroom first:

Bedroom, or the boudoir as those sexy French like to call it, is inspiration for my next cushion range.  Think crimson, navy, softness,'s all coming, and you'll see it here soon!

But what's the next big thing Gill?

My next range is to tackle the oh so overseen and overstocked beach vibe in homewares.  Don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous look but really, all that white?  Anyone with kids knows that all white, off-white, sort-of-white, ivory, light brown and the could-be-deemed-as-white white....are no good for kids (or anyone who doesn't like spot cleaning). 

Yes, it's calming, clean and crisp and can make your accent pieces pop (check out our lovely Cushion Collection here) but I think it's time we celebrated a little bit of colour

We're well into the Summer season here in Australia and Autumn is fast approaching.  How do we take the gorgeous Summer colours into Autumn?  With water colours, my next collection of cushions and dining tableware will feature water colours predominantly in relation to flowers and abstracts.

These gorgeous stock photos from Burst have inspired me to seek out some beautiful fabrics that will lead us nicely from the beach style whites into a warmer colourful Autumn when we nature provides us with her gorgeous deep browns and reds. 

Fill your house with colour, life wasn't meant to be lived in white!

Crafty T The Next Big Thing - water coloursCrafty T The Next Big Thing - water coloursCrafty T The Next Big Thing - water coloursCrafty T The Next Big Thing - water colours

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