The Perfect Vineyard Wedding Guest Favour

The Perfect Vineyard Wedding Guest Favour

Crafty T handmade DripsieHaving a wedding in the Hunter Valley or another fabulous Vineyard?  Looking for a unique wedding favour to WOW your guests?

Here at Crafty T, we've created a new product called the 'Dripsie'.  This reversible handmade fabric adornment slips over the neck of a wine bottle so when you pour the wine it catches the drips that inevitably escape and run down on to your table saving your tableware from those nasty wine stains.

Create your Dripsie your way!

Dripsies are completely customisable and can be created using any fabric of your choosing to suit your wedding theme or location.  We can also add:

  • Initials
  • Names
  • Dates
  • or any other text you desire

Send us a message if you'd like a sample product for just $3 with free postage anywhere within Australia.

Marketing solutions, branding, co-branding and wholesale options also available.


Crafty T endeavours to be as waste conscious as possible and the Dripsie was initially derived when brainstorming how to use up our fabric scraps.  Fabric scraps are off-cuts and leftovers from our larger products, such as our cushion covers, table runners* and placemats*.  We're often left with a strip of 10-20cm and rather than throw these away, we research and develop innovative new products we think people will love!

We did some further research and saw that restaurants will often wrap a napkin around a wine bottle to function in exactly the same way and we thought the Dripsie was the new no-fuss solution to this age-old problem.

* Coming soon

Sew-long for now,

Gill T

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