There's nothing crap about scrap fabric!

There's nothing crap about scrap fabric!

Something's gotta give - both in my sewing room and the global room to which I inhabit.

When I Google 'plastic on beach' I came across this article which I was so grossed out by I shared it to my Facebook page:


It's devastating seeing the effects we are making on our sea life, land life, and to the air that we breath.

I need to start making a difference, even in some small way.


I need to do something! my spare time (hahahahaha) I'm starting an initiative to use up my scrap fabrics.  I'm thinking of starting with the following products and will start making up templates and trialling the products until I think they're ready for sale:

To get things started I will be adding 3 new product lines

  1. It’s a product only women need and one which I have been tossing up whether to venture into.  Reusable Sanitary Pads. Imagine how many pads every woman goes through each year – the cost and the waste is unfathomable at a global level.
  2. Women are also starting to wear pads for exercising and I’ve even seen them transition out of the 'handmade' line of products to see them now popping up on our supermarket shelves, such as these breathable liners by Carefree. More waste!  These will be my Reusable Activity Liners.
  3. Then, (the elephant in the room?), let’s address incontinence, I’ll be making some Reusable Incontinence Pads as well


What other products would you like to see change from single use to reusable?

Sew-long for now,


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