This one's just for the mums, dads & everyone in between raising precious (and messy) babies!

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This one's just for the mums, dads & everyone in between raising precious (and messy) babies!

It's ok.  I get it.  Babies are cute but boy are they damn messy!  Sick ups, spit ups, nappy explosions, snot....we've all been there and it ain't pretty.

I'm a mum of two and so I can really vouch for this product personally.  After being sicked up on one too many times and never having anything to hand to mop up myself, baby, sofa, bed (you get the idea), I started making a pile of these cloths.  Initially I used them just as burp cloths but then my mind went wild and I started using them for EVERYTHING!  Think about where a baby can throw up or test the full extent of their nappy.  Car seats.  Breastfeeding.  Bassinets (under their heads).  Shoulders.  Grandmas, nanas and pops!  On the sofa (lying down to breastfeed). In the bed (co-sleeping absolute must have to spare your sheets!).  I also used them to wipe their faces as they grew and we started BLW (baby led weaning).

So I really feel that I am qualified to back this product 100%.

Why did I start making my own though?  I wanted cool designs and patterns that didn't look like a cloth nappy with binding.  I wanted the look to reflect my baby's personality.  Of course I knew she LOVED butterflies at 8 weeks old, and my son?  Absolutely bananas over camo at 5 weeks ;)

In keeping with my goal of reducing waste and saving our planet, these are much better than using wet wipes or thousands of tissues.  I could get by using 1 every 1-2 days (depending on their ahhh activities of course)!  I really vouch for them in the Bassinet too as it saves so much time washing sheets, and who has 7-14 cot sheets!????!

All my Burp & Bassinet Cloths are 100% cotton and are available ready made in a variety of colours and patterns to suit you and your baby / decor.  Looking for something a little different?  Send me a message and I'll work with you to find the fabric of your choice.


Burping: Fits all shoulders and protects your clothes from sick ups.

Feeding: Fits across laps and also under your baby if breastfeeding on your side so you can feed anywhere you're comfortable, on the sofa, in bed or anywhere else you choose.  Simply wash the cloth and not your entire bedding set or couch covers (who has time for that?).

As your baby moves into solids you will also find these extremely handy (and environmentally friendly) when cleaning hands and faces.

Sleeping: Tucks perfectly under and over your baby's bassinet mattress so you can easily remove and wash after any sick ups - saves on bassinet sheets.

I have also used these as blankets for my babies and laid them over them after a feed to keep them warm and snuggly so I didn't have to move and I didn't have to move them so we could all have a little snooze through their milk-drunkeness.

Travel: These multipurpose cloths are a must have in any nappy bag.




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