This winter's must have accessory!

This winter's must have accessory!

Crafty T handmade reversible bowl cozie


You’re tired, you’ve reheated some soup or are fixing the kids a quick dinner of last night’s leftovers.

....(Insert slow-mo action) walk to the microwave on the much awaited PING, you grab the bowl.  *expletives* 

Not.  Good.  Not good at all.

One of two (or maybe both) things has just happened.  You’ve burnt your hands or you’ve just made a great big mess spilling your bowl everywhere.  Now there’s cleaning and everyone is still hungry.  LOST.

We get tired too so we know what it’s like when you’re on automatic and need something cooked in a hurry.  The microwave really is one of those marvelous inventions we now all take for granted but should be celebrated more (than just on the PING sound).

Tea towels, oven mits, they're all cumbersome and only help you get your bowl out of the microwave (if you're lucky enough not to get tangled up and spill it everywhere), they do nothing for the poor soul trying to eat out of it at the table.  Bowl Cozies can solve this problem for you.  WINNING!


Our Bowl Cozies are handmade with 100% cotton (inside and out). 

What does that mean and why should you care?

It means it won’t catch fire in the microwave.  HOORAY!

Our Bowl Cozies can also be used with cold bowls to stop your hands from freezing from that oh-so-yummy after dinner ice cream.  Fantastic for adults and kids alike!!

Coordinating fabrics to your table setting available, send us a message and let us know what you need.

Our Bowl Cozies fit a variety of bowl sizes, however, if you think you need a bigger one, or a smaller one, just let us know and we’ll be happy to make you one (or as many as you need).



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