Totes thanks!

Totes thanks!

Today I wanted to share something really warm and fuzzy.  My MIL (mother in law) is having some treatment and she wanted to say thanks to her lovely Dr who's been looking after her. 

A couple of years ago I made my FIL (father in law) a double wine tote for Xmas in a hessian moustache print (still going strong!) and she asked me to make her good Dr one. 

Hessian moustaches handmade custom wine tote bag

So here it is, I selected a postmark print with navy lining and handles and think it's come up a treat!  I quilted the outer fabric freestyle to the wadding before assembling it to add a bit of padding and then stitched up the middle once it was completed to add some separation of the two bottles so they don't clink and stand up nicely.

Postmark print handmade double wine tote bag

What do you think?  What style would you love a wine tote bag in?

Sew-long for now,


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