IOco Fresh Shoe Bamboo Charcoal (Set of 2)

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Do you have stinky shoes? Are they making your wardrobe smelly? You may need to try IOco's Bamboo Charcoal Fresh Shoe. 

Perfect solution to keep your favourite Ugg Boots fresh!

Bamboo Charcoal is 4 times more porous than regular charcoal due to millions of tiny holes giving it the ability to absorb

         * Odours * Moisture * Bacteria * Chemicals

to prevent mould & mildew. Say goodbye to those yucky chemical moisture pots that you have to empty monthly or accidentally spill. 

'Fresh Shoe' is a Safe & non-toxic alternative to scented air fresheners that contain dangerous chemicals. 



Insert a 'Fresh Shoe' in each shoe when not in use to naturally absorb moisture and odours. 

Re-use & Rejuvenate your IOco Bamboo 'Fresh Shoe' by placing it in the sunlight for at least 1 hour every month. UV rays clear the pores and re-set the bamboo charcoal ready to use again. 

Recycle after 2 years by sprinkling it into the garden soil to complete the carbon cycle, as well as providing nutrients and water retention in your soil. 

The IOco Fresh Shoe Bamboo Charcoal (Set of 2) destined to impress, and priced at only $14.95, for a limited time.

Inventory Last Updated: May 26, 2022